Making the album

Creative Director, City Gates Church

From the moment Noel and myself sat down to write the first
song back in May 2015, I knew this was going to be a special project. As a church, we’ve been on a very unique journey – with our building collapsing midway through its construction in 2012. A lot of the songs on this album have been birthed out of that experience – we’ve seen first hand how God can take what was destroyed and was rubble and put it back together again. More than the building, He’s done that with countless lives in our church.

This album is nothing more than us building an altar, a place of remembrance, thanking God for all He’s done and looking forward to all that is to come. A massive thank you to everyone who played any role on this album, big or small. It’s been my pleasure to play the part I have and I can only pray and hope that you, the listener, capture something of the journey we have been on as a church.